If you suffer from very dry or itchy skin, it may be that you have what doctors call Atopic Dermatitis. This is a mild type of eczema of which the principle symptom is an intense itching, which is almost impossible to resist scratching.

And if you do scratch, it damages the skin, allowing bacteria to penetrate beneath the skin and making it itch even more.

Atopic Dermatitis is by far the commonest skin complaint reported to doctors. So, it will be a great relief to many people that there is a new 100% natural cream which will bring blessed relief to the itching and also successfully tackle the underlying condition. This unique, breakthrough formula first soothes the itching and then deeply absorbs into the skin., softening and reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier. The cream is 100% natural with no steroids. synthetic ingredients, drugs or fragrances.

Recent research from scientists at Dundee University has established that atopic dermatitis is a genetically based condition. Because of a tiny genetic defect, the body does not produce sufficient natural moisturiser to waterproof the layer deep under the skin. This loss of natural moisturiser weakens the natural skin barrier, allowing precious fluid to evaporate out, leaving the skin very dry. It also allows bacteria to get into the skin, producing irritation and causing the skin to redden.

The cream mimics and replaces the body’s own natural moisturiser through a combination of 3 natural emollient oils. It also features 6 active ingredients which soothe the itch, kill the bacteria and reduce the redness. It really does work. Try it and see for yourself.

Article taken from The Daily Mail, Monday, December 11, 2017.

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