100% natural Natrabalm cream relieves and soothes eczema skin through its emollient moisturising action.

The Natrabalm natural formula calms and soothes redness, dryness & itching often assoicated with eczema.

What is more, this unique cream contains no paraffin, no parabens, no synthetics and no added fragrances.

What causes eczema?

Recent research from Dundee University has shown eczema to be often caused by an inherited defect in the Filaggrin gene. This is the gene whose function controls the amount of natural moisturising lipid produced by the body as part of the skin regeneration process. The lipid helps maintain the integrity of the skin’s barrier and a lack of this lipid reduces the effectiveness of the barrier.

This in turn allows foreign bacteria to enter the body through the skin. The body’s immune system recognises the bacteria as foreign objects.

In response an allergic immune response is produced, causing the skin to develop a rash, redden and become itchy – in other words to develop eczema. Read here to understand more about the Filaggrin gene.

Unfortunately there is no cure for eczema, but Natrabalm, an cosmetic emollient cream with 100% natural ingredients, is a good match for the body’s natural moisturising lipid.

The cream is rapidly absorbed into the skin, helping to substitute for the body’s natural moisturiser. So Natrabalm helps fortify the skin’s natural barrier and prevent the entry of bacteria.

Thus the immune reaction is lessened and the eczema prone symptoms calmed.

What is Natrabalm actually made from?
Natrabalm emollient moisturising cream uses 100% natural ingredients: Jojoba oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Dromiceius oil together with calming, anti-inflammatory, natural remedies like extract of Calendula flowers, Liquorice Root and Witch Hazel to soothe and relieve the symptoms assoicated with eczema prone skin.

Natrabalm also contains Olive leave extract with an 80% Oleuropein content that helps to prevent bacteria damaging irritated skin. Oleuropein is natural found in olive leaves and has been scientifically proven to control and eradicate staphylococcus aureus within the epidermis of our skin.

Please note that Natrabalm contains no synthetic ingredients, no steroids or petro-chemical ingredients like paraffin and no parabens.

It also has no added fragrance meaning we have not added any perfumes that contain sensitizers or allergens.

Try Natrabalm cream today – you will not be disappointed.