Calm itchy skin with Natrabalm emollient moisturising cream. Its 100% natural formula really works!

Natrabalm soothes itchy skin using 100% natural oils and plant extracts.

Itchy skin is not unusual. We all have the urge to scratch occasionally, but in this case the urge does not go away, the more you scratch, the more you itch.

What causes our skin to itch?

Itchy skin is a classic symptom of Atopic Dermatitis – the most common type of eczema. It is sometimes also caused by an allergic skin reaction and is often accompanied by dry skin. Whilst is very pleasant to scratch, when the itch is caused by eczema or an allergy/dry skin, scratching it damages the skin surface, allowing bacteria to penetrate and further irritate the skin. This is often referred to as the itch-scratch-itch cycle.

What can Natrabalm do for my itchy skin?

Unfortunately, there is no single cure for itching, but you can calm itching and prevent scratching by using Natrabalm cream, which helps break the itch-scratch-itch cycle. Natrabalm formula contains Aloe Vera, Witch hazel and Liquorice root extract which combine together to soothe redness and calm itchy, irritated skin.

Many of our customers have contacted us to tell us about the relief they have experienced. Some have even talked about having the first proper, full night’s sleep in years.

Try Natrabalm cream today – you will not be disappointed.