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Natrabalm For Dry, Itchy Eczema & Psoriasis Prone Skin

  • Soothing & calming natural products suitable for Psoriasis, Eczema and Atopic dermatitis prone skin
  • Natrabalm products contain No steroids, No paraffin, No parabens, No mineral oils, No added fragrances
  • Our products calm itching, soothe irritated skin, repair damaged skin & hydrate dry flaky skin
  • Recommended by a Top Harley Street Dermatologist and of course thousands of happy customers
  • Natrabalm is NOT available to buy in the shops and only available online or by calling 0191 4209276
Natrabalm is suitable for adults & children aged 3 years and over
OR CALL US ON 0191 420 9276

Natrabalm is made with 100% Natural derived ingredients and recommended by Dr. Anton Alexandroff a Top London Harley Street Dermatologist.






Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus update: 27/04/2020 WE REMAIN OPEN FOR PLACING ORDERS ONLINE AND SHIPPING In light of the current pandemic we continue to be open for shipping orders online and deliveries direct to your home or premises. The Royal Mail will continue to deliver all orders...

The NEW LOOK Natrabalm

The NEW LOOK Natrabalm

Natrabalm has rebranded! We're delighted to unveil Natrabalm's brand new look. Our product has developed over the years and has become better and better at relieving itchy skin and conditions associated with eczema and psoriasis. We've also added several new products...

Psoriasis sufferer Becky

Psoriasis sufferer Becky

Becky shares with us her Psoriasis progress. After trying Natrabalm for ten days, Becky told us: "The difference is amazing! I applied the cream sparingly 2-3 times a day. The itching and redness is gone. I've never been happier. Thank you so much for the sample, I've...

What is the secret of Natrabalm’s unique 100% natural formula?



See just a couple of our latest customer reviews below

byScott onNatrabalm

I think this is a great shampoo, it makes a gentle lather while leaving your hair feeling clean but also hydrated and smooth without feeling greasy. Also smells good very natural and invigorating from the peppermint and tea tree. Overall very good would recommend.

*Love the smell, an is a good product.

*I wish I took a picture before and after. I suffers from what I believe is seborrheic dermatitis. Doctor prescribed medications which never worked on me. I always just had to run with it until it would slowly disappear. This time the dermatisis cover a wider area of my face that I couldn't cover/ hide or ignore. I bought this cream not sure if was going to work only because of the impressive feedbacks I read. After 2 weeks of twice a day application routine my problem has reduced by 70% I would say. I still have it but every morning I wake up to a smoother skin. It might take a month of application. I recommend it wholeheartly.


*Great product, easily absorbs into the skin and stops itching

*Results may vary for each person.

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