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Natrabalm For Dry, Itchy Eczema & Psoriasis Prone Skin

  • Soothing & calming natural products suitable for Psoriasis, Eczema, and Atopic dermatitis prone skin
  • Natrabalm products contain No steroids, No paraffin, No parabens, No mineral oils, No added fragrances
  • Our products calm itching, soothe irritated skin, repair damaged skin & hydrate dry flaky skin
  • Recommended by a Top Harley Street Dermatologist and of course thousands of happy customers
  • Natrabalm is NOT available to buy in the shops and only available direct from our website
Natrabalm is suitable for adults & children aged 3 years and over

OR CALL 0191 420 9276 

Natrabalm is made with 100% Natural derived ingredients and recommended by Dr. Anton Alexandroff a Top London Harley Street Dermatologist.






The NEW LOOK Natrabalm

The NEW LOOK Natrabalm

Natrabalm has rebranded! We're delighted to unveil Natrabalm's brand new look. Our product has developed over the years and has become better and better at relieving itchy skin and conditions associated with eczema and psoriasis. We've also added several new products...

Psoriasis sufferer Becky

Psoriasis sufferer Becky

Becky shares with us her Psoriasis progress. After trying Natrabalm for ten days, Becky told us: "The difference is amazing! I applied the cream sparingly 2-3 times a day. The itching and redness is gone. I've never been happier. Thank you so much for the sample, I've...

National success for Natrabalm

National success for Natrabalm

We recently had our success story in a few local newspapers and online news stories, talking about how we started developing a range of natural cosmetic soothing creams and are now selling our products, including Natrabalm, nationwide. You can read the press release...

What is the secret of Natrabalm’s unique 100% natural formula?



See just a couple of our latest customer reviews below

I use Natrabalm emollient cream on my face, and particularly around my eyes where I get eczema. It is the only moisturiser I have discovered that doesn't irritate my eczema prone skin. I use it as a cleanser as well as moisturiser, to avoid putting water on skin that is easily irritated.

Natra balm cream is easily applied and absorbed and brought fast relief to my irritated and itching skin. I would like to be able to buy a larger pot as I quickly used up the first one I bought but delivery was fast so I do not expect supply problems.

byArianne Brown onNatrabalm

Great product, non greasy, nice smell, helped with eczema.
Also... I put a note on the order asking if it would be possible to put a note on for the postie to say allow me time to get to the door as I'm disabled.
A member of the team called to let me know they had done that, which I think is really sweet and step beyond. Thank you.

byAnne Oliver onNatrabalm

I gave Natrabalm shampoo a go as I was at the end of my tether. Suffering psoriasis and unable to sleep because of the itching, My scalp was bleeding and so sore. I was willing to try anything. Everything recommended by my surgery and OTC products didn't touch it and still waiting for a dermatology appointment. My scalp has cleared 90% and I am able to sleep! I have just placed an order for 2 more bottles of shampoo and could not recommend this shampoo more highly. Excellent customer service too when my first package went missing in the post.

byScott onNatrabalm

I think this is a great shampoo, it makes a gentle lather while leaving your hair feeling clean but also hydrated and smooth without feeling greasy. Also smells good very natural and invigorating from the peppermint and tea tree. Overall very good would recommend.

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