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I use Natrabalm emollient cream on my face, and particularly around my eyes where I get eczema. It is the only moisturiser I have discovered that doesn't irritate my eczema prone skin. I use it as a cleanser as well as moisturiser, to avoid putting water on skin that is easily irritated.

Natra balm cream is easily applied and absorbed and brought fast relief to my irritated and itching skin. I would like to be able to buy a larger pot as I quickly used up the first one I bought but delivery was fast so I do not expect supply problems.

byArianne Brown onNatrabalm

Great product, non greasy, nice smell, helped with eczema.
Also... I put a note on the order asking if it would be possible to put a note on for the postie to say allow me time to get to the door as I'm disabled.
A member of the team called to let me know they had done that, which I think is really sweet and step beyond. Thank you.

byAnne Oliver onNatrabalm

I gave Natrabalm shampoo a go as I was at the end of my tether. Suffering psoriasis and unable to sleep because of the itching, My scalp was bleeding and so sore. I was willing to try anything. Everything recommended by my surgery and OTC products didn't touch it and still waiting for a dermatology appointment. My scalp has cleared 90% and I am able to sleep! I have just placed an order for 2 more bottles of shampoo and could not recommend this shampoo more highly. Excellent customer service too when my first package went missing in the post.

byScott onNatrabalm

I think this is a great shampoo, it makes a gentle lather while leaving your hair feeling clean but also hydrated and smooth without feeling greasy. Also smells good very natural and invigorating from the peppermint and tea tree. Overall very good would recommend.

I ordered 2 items from this company, unfortunately the scalp oil was delivered damaged, however I telephoned and I explained the situation and they very kindly sent me a second scalp oil free of charge. I would just like to express my grateful thanks for their service and I look forward to dealing with them in the future. I have used the item and it seems very good.

*Love the smell, an is a good product.

*I wish I took a picture before and after. I suffers from what I believe is seborrheic dermatitis. Doctor prescribed medications which never worked on me. I always just had to run with it until it would slowly disappear. This time the dermatisis cover a wider area of my face that I couldn't cover/ hide or ignore. I bought this cream not sure if was going to work only because of the impressive feedbacks I read. After 2 weeks of twice a day application routine my problem has reduced by 70% I would say. I still have it but every morning I wake up to a smoother skin. It might take a month of application. I recommend it wholeheartly.


*Great product, easily absorbs into the skin and stops itching

*Excellent product which has worked very well for me I will continue to use it.

*It is a bit greasy so I would say go sparingly. Mind you I did notice my scalp better with one application

*Good product quick delivery. New to product, time will tell

*Works like magic!

*Packaging isn’t really suitable for the product it holds. Nozel is too small and mixture not smooth, quite grainy and lumpy. When squeezing the oil out, it all squished out the sides of the lid and on to my clothes.

*Stopped itching at once

*A very good product, that was effective and good value for money.

*Really easy to apply, A little goes a long way, Results after a few days, Skin smoother
Will be buying again

I have to use this every 3days but it has really helped. I use this in conjunction with Body Shop ginger shampoo & their conditioner.

This is like magic. I've been prescribed everything for my scalp including steroid cream and nothing has worked. After the first time I used this I noticed a difference. Two weeks on and even my hairdresser said she's never my scalp so clear. Pricey but worth it

Good product

Will it work?

On going use of product Paso cannot say if successful or not but wonderful smell and soothing oil when first applied

Definitely recommend

I suffer from seborrheic eczema, since using this product it has helped inflammation, itching, and scaling on my scalp. I leave it in my hair overnight and I can't explain in words what a relief it is to find a product that helps to ease the red, scaly, dry patches. I've tried many products prescribed by a doctor and over the counter with no success. I would definitely recommend..thank you Natrabalm

* The Natrabalm seems to be working. Skin less flaķy, seems to be healing and it contains natural ingredients.

I feel I must let you know just how much I rely on your wonderful moisturising cream.

*I feel I must let you know just how much I rely on your wonderful moisturising cream. I have a condition in my lower legs called Lymphedema, resulting in swelling, dry skin, possible eruption, which could result in leg ulcers. I need weekly massage called M.L.D, expensive, no N.H.S trained therapists locally. My therapist is absolutely thrilled with the effect of your cream, relieving the worry of eruption.
Now my husband is experiencing wonderful relief from Rosacea, the skin on his face calms and the postule type appearance settles. This is after becoming quite desperate trying all sorts of expensive private treatment. Once more thank you so much, I really am thankful that I saw your first advertisement in the Daily Mail all that time ago.

Used for psoriasis on my scalp seems to keep moisture in which what I need for dry scalp.

Natrabalm has helped with two different conditions

*I first bought Natrabalm 6 months ago having finding dry patches on the calf muscle area on the back of my legs. I have read that this is part of the ageing process. However I was concerned when the dry patches became hard like small scabs on the skin. I used Natrabalm morning and evening and though it has taken a few months the patches have softened and faded and all but two have disappeared after three months

A week ago I discovered a pink rash on my face. ( like Pit. Rosea) It was not painful but needed make up to cover it up. After 7 days the rash is beginning to fade. I feel confident that if I persevere it will disappear.
The fact that al the ingredients are of natural origin encouraged me to try it out without fear of unwanted side effects or causing further damage.
Although this product is sold as a cosmetic moisturiser it seems to have worked as well part of the healing process.
I have recently purchased two more jars to have available when required. The cream is pleasant and absorbs quickly into the skin. I have no hesitation in recommending it to others.

Carol Curtis January 2019

We love your Natrabalm

*We love your Natrabalm.....mostly for my husband’s itching legs, but recently it cleared up my ghastly itching nostrils. Thought it was worth trying at night, using cotton buds. After about 7 days the irritation ceased !


I suffer from psoriasis on different parts of my body ,and on my hands which were very sore ,I ordered some of this natrabalm and can say this has been the best I've used I honestly wish I had taken photo,s of before and after . I cannot thank you enough for this cream and recommend this 100% + it does what it says it does Thankyou M.Allison.

We are pleased to recommend it to anyone

*My husband has suffered from small itching spots all over his body.He has been prescribed Betnovate and Hydrocortisone both of which was right for a while but do not last as long as natrabalm.We are pleased to recommend it to anyone.

Enid Morton

I can 100% recommend this cream

*This is probably the only cream I can say that works for my contact dermatitis. No steroid creams have any great affect, steroid creams thin your skin. Honestly this cream is a must and no added nasy’s. I can 100% recommend this cream.

Results have been great for psoriasis

*I already use your product which is fantastic and recently received my order for two more jars I passed one on to my sons girlfriend who suffers with psoriasis she was at her wits end and the results were great she was amazed how the redness and broken skin was reduced and the it stopped the itching Thank you for a wonderful product she is so grateful and will be ordering some more from you. It does what you say.

Product Natrabalm Emollient Moisturising Cream

*I can highly recommend this cream. Brilliant product. Have had dry skin problems mainly on my legs and feet. Fortunately I spotted an advert for Natrabalm in the daily mail. I am now on my third pot and the results are brilliant, my legs are much better and improving due to the ingredients which are natural as opposed to previous creams I have tried.

*have only used the sample bottle, great results for little scabby sores on my legs, that the Doctor insists on giving me Betnovate for, and I keep binning. Upto now nothing has worked, but this little jar seems to be the answer after just four applications, cannot wait for the big jar. Thank you so much.

I bless the day I found this cream

*I bless the day I found this cream. I suffer with very itchy skin and this cream is so soothing. It is soft and creamy but goes straight into the skin and is not sticky like some. It is a very fast and efficient service and it stops the itching. I put it on once a day and I find that is sufficient. The receptionist is a very pleasant young lady to deal with. It does exactly what they say which makes such a change.

Itchy bone structure left after

*The bone structure became very "itchy". The Natrabalm within two applications, did the trick. The doctor prescribed Hydrocortisone for a 2/3 week application, did not work. Many Thanks Daily Mail Newspaper for the Advert.

Soothes the skin

*I suffer from dermatitis and the cream has really helped with the itchiness and reduces the redness on my skin. Highly recommend it!

I can really highly recommend both Natrabalm and the company.

*I have suffered from small patches of dermatitis for several years now and the only treatment has been hydrocortisone creams, containing steroids. However, I have recently discovered Natrabalm and have been using the trial size bottle, with very encouraging results. The patches of dermatitis are gradually disappearing and I have consequently ordered full size bottles. I am convinced that this product will result in the total disappearance of the dermatitis and am particularly delighted that the ingredients of the cream are totally plant based and therefore have no inherent complications. Lisa is extremely helpful. knowledgeable and friendly and the product is sent first class. I can really highly recommend both Natrabalm and the company.

One very happy customer

*I was extremely satisfied with the results after using this cream. The fact that it is natural is a real bonus after using steroid creams from the doctor for a long time. I like that it does not have a strong smell and it moisturizes my skin really well. One very happy customer.

My skin feels soft and in the best condition it has been for years

*I tried Natrabalm and found it be very good overall. It reduced the symptoms and certainly helped control redness and itchyness. Over the years I have tried so many creams but none have been as good as this product. At first I was sceptical but I am so pleased that I give it a go as my skin feels soft and in the best condition it have been foe years. Thanks Alex 🙂

Quick itch relief!

*My cat enjoys play-fighting on my legs and arms, which leaves me itching. Natrabalm soothes the itch very quickly and helps to avoid hives developing! Would highly recommend!

Well done for making this cream

*I loved the consitancy of this cream and have already seen a big improvement since using it. However it can take four weeks before I see a major difference with my psoriasis. One thing I have noticed is I don’t have any itching on my hands since using the cream. Well done for making this cream.

Redness disappeared in 3 days

*I have suffered from eczema on my left leg for a number of years . My concern has 2 main symptoms – itchy rash and red blotchy scabs. For the frequent flare ups my treatment was always Pharmacy cream plus medical steroid ..Based on this I was always in a situation whereby I used steroid every 2/3 weeks to calm the frequent itchy rash flare ups.

I came across Natrabalm on a local Whickham website. As a long sufferer of eczema I was very interested to give it a try. The 1st application was at a time of high rash concern , the Natrabalm eased the itchy concern over 3 applications and the redness disappeared in 3 full days .Also the Natrabalm has a ease of application and has a pleasant odour. Good Luck,  Richard Croft.

No more itching and scratching

*Natrabalm is great and has eased my eczema, no more itching and scratching like a scabby dog. It’s a little greasier than other creams that I have tried in the past but this seems to help more with my dryness and disappears really quickly whilst other creams can stay greasy. Its only been a few days but the eczema around my ears has cleard up completely and already seen a big improvement on my arms. I love this stuff but would like to see it for sale in shops. Just giving some to my mother to use as well and she seems to like it.

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byArianne Brown onNatrabalm

Great product, non greasy, nice smell, helped with eczema.
Also... I put a note on the order asking if it would be possible to put a note on for the postie to say allow me time to get to the door as I'm disabled.
A member of the team called to let me know they had done that, which I think is really sweet and step beyond. Thank you.

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