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by Carole Jay on Natrabalm
We love your Natrabalm

*We love your Natrabalm.....mostly for my husband’s itching legs, but recently it cleared up my ghastly itching nostrils. Thought it was worth trying at night, using cotton buds. After about 7 days the irritation ceased !

by Mary Allison on Natrabalm

I suffer from psoriasis on different parts of my body ,and on my hands which were very sore ,I ordered some of this natrabalm and can say this has been the best I've used I honestly wish I had taken photo,s of before and after . I cannot thank you enough for this cream and recommend this 100% + it does what it says it does Thankyou M.Allison.Aberdeen

by Enid Morton on Natrabalm
We are pleased to recommend it to anyone

*My husband has suffered from small itching spots all over his body.He has been prescribed Betnovate and Hydrocortisone both of which was right for a while but do not last as long as natrabalm.We are pleased to recommend it to anyone.Enid Morton

by A.J on Natrabalm
I can 100% recommend this cream

*This is probably the only cream I can say that works for my contact dermatitis. No steroid creams have any great affect, steroid creams thin your skin. Honestly this cream is a must and no added nasy’s. I can 100% recommend this cream.

by Elizabeth Truman on Natrabalm
Results have been great for psoriasis

*I already use your product which is fantastic and recently received my order for two more jars I passed one on to my sons girlfriend who suffers with psoriasis she was at her wits end and the results were great she was amazed how the redness and broken skin was reduced and the it stopped the itching Thank you for a wonderful product she is so grateful and will be ordering some more from you. It does what you say.

by R Harris on Natrabalm
Product Natrabalm Emollient Moisturising Cream

*I can highly recommend this cream. Brilliant product. Have had dry skin problems mainly on my legs and feet. Fortunately I spotted an advert for Natrabalm in the daily mail. I am now on my third pot and the results are brilliant, my legs are much better and improving due to the ingredients which are natural as opposed to previous creams I have tried.

by pauline cogley on Natrabalm

*have only used the sample bottle, great results for little scabby sores on my legs, that the Doctor insists on giving me Betnovate for, and I keep binning. Upto now nothing has worked, but this little jar seems to be the answer after just four applications, cannot wait for the big jar. Thank you so much.

by Mrs.Cole on Natrabalm
I bless the day I found this cream

*I bless the day I found this cream. I suffer with very itchy skin and this cream is so soothing. It is soft and creamy but goes straight into the skin and is not sticky like some. It is a very fast and efficient service and it stops the itching. I put it on once a day and I find that is sufficient. The receptionist is a very pleasant young lady to deal with. It does exactly what they say which makes such a change.

by Julian on Natrabalm
Itchy bone structure left after

*The bone structure became very "itchy". The Natrabalm within two applications, did the trick. The doctor prescribed Hydrocortisone for a 2/3 week application, did not work. Many Thanks Daily Mail Newspaper for the Advert.

by Gillian on Natrabalm
Soothes the skin

*I suffer from dermatitis and the cream has really helped with the itchiness and reduces the redness on my skin. Highly recommend it!

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