Get rid of dry skin using 100% natural Natrabalm Moisturising Emollient Cream.

Get rid of dry skin using natural lipids and plant extracts like Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Licorice root, Olive leaf extract and Aloe vera.

Your dry skin will be refreshed to a supple and silky soft look. Experience the deep moisturising effects of Natrabalm after just one application.

What causes dry skin?

Dry skin is a very common skin condition caused by a reduction of water in the skin’s epidermis. A lack of the skin’s naturally produced lipids reduces the effectiveness of the skin barrier function, allowing water in the skin to evaporate out.

Natrabalm’s naturally emollient formula closely mimics the action of the body’s own moisturiser in the skin, helping fortify its natural barrier and prevent moisture loss.  As a result, the skin barrier is much more effective against attack by irritants and drying factors like sun, winter cold, and central heating, So the improved barrier helps retain moisture, keeping dry skin properly hydrated and glowing with good health.

How does 100% natural Natrabalm help get rid of dry skin?

The good news is Natrabalm moisturising cream can re-hydrate and get rid of dry skin with its 100% natural emollients and plant extracts like Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Licorice root, Olive leaf extract and Aloe vera. Natrabalm also attracts moisture using natural glycerin and then locks it deep into the skin using Beeswax, reinforcing nature’s natural skin barrier. This natural barrier will prevent water loss escaping and keep irritants out.

As well as using Natrabalm cream don’t forget to try Natrabalm SLS Free Soothing and Cooling Body Wash and also Natrabalm Soothing and Cooling Body Oil. Both have been formulated to clean and soften dry skin without using harsh chemicals. You will soon discover soft silky, hydrated skin when used in conjunction with the cream in your daily routine. Just imagine no more dry skin or flaky skin. Natrabalm products really do work and best of all they are natural.


Click here to try Natrabalm Emollient Cream today you will not be disappointed.

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